Top Chuck Berry – rezultat

Chuck Berry aAveți aici rezultatul topului Chuck Berry. Sub sondaj găsiți și link-uri pentru a asculta cântecele (click pe fiecare titlu).

Top Chuck Berry

1.Johnny B. Goode (610)

2.Roll Over Beethoven (560)

3.Sweet Little Sixteen (530)

4.School Days (480)

5.Rock and Roll Music (460)


  1. Maybellene (430)

Too Much Monkey Business (410)

Brown Eyed Handsome Man (370)

Sweet Little Rock and Roller (360)

Back in the U.S.A. (350)

Guitar Boogie (340)

My Ding-a-Ling (330)

Let It Rock (290)

Jaguar and Thunderbird (280)

I Got to Find My Baby (280)

Confessin’ the Blues (260)

Nadine (Is It You?) (250)

Don’t You Lie to Me (240)

Do You Love Me (230)

Memphis (220)

Little Queenie (220)

Downbound Train (220)

I Want to Be Your Driver (210)

Bye Bye Johnny (210)

You Never Can Tell (200)

Oh Baby Doll (200)

Beautiful Delilah (190)

I’m Talking About You (180)

No Money Down (170)

Betty Jean (170)

No Particular Place to Go (170)

Wee Wee Hours (160)

You Can’t Catch Me (150)

Childhood Sweetheart (150)

Dear Dad (140)

Too Pooped to Pop (130)

Carol (130)

Thirty Days (130)

House of Blue Lights (130)

Almost Grown (130)

Havana Moon (120)

Reelin’ and Rockin (120)

Promised Land (90)

Tulane (90)

Come On (70)

Bio (60)

Jo Jo Gunne (60)

Down the Road a Piece (30)

Around and Around (20)



Reelin’ and Rockin

My Ding-a-Ling


I Want to Be Your Driver

Dear Dad

No Particular Place to Go

Promised Land

You Never Can Tell

Nadine (Is It You?)

Come On

I’m Talking About You

Confessin’ the Blues

Down the Road a Piece

Jaguar and Thunderbird

Bye Bye Johnny

Don’t You Lie to Me

I Got to Find My Baby

Too Pooped to Pop

Let It Rock

Childhood Sweetheart

Betty Jean

Do You Love Me

Back in the U.S.A.

Almost Grown

Little Queenie

Sweet Little Rock and Roller


Jo Jo Gunne


House of Blue Lights

Beautiful Delilah

Around and Around

Johnny B. Goode

Guitar Boogie

Sweet Little Sixteen

Oh Baby Doll

Rock and Roll Music

School Days

Havana Moon

Too Much Monkey Business

Roll Over Beethoven

Brown Eyed Handsome Man

No Money Down

Downbound Train

You Can’t Catch Me

Thirty Days

Wee Wee Hours


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