Rezultat: Top Stevie Ray Vaughan


Găsiți mai jos rezultatul sondajului cu piesele lui Stevie Ray Vaughan. Mulțumim tuturor celor care au votat. Sub sondaj găsiți link-uri pentru a putea asculta cântecele propuse (click pe fiecare titlu).

Rezultat: Top Stevie Ray Vaughan

1.The House is Rockin (940)

2.Pride and Joy (880)

3.Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (830)

4.Texas Flood (820)

5.Little Wing (810)

6.Superstition (770)

7.Say What! (730)

8.The Things (That) I Used To Do (700)

9.Tightrope (670)

10.Taxman (650)

11.The Sky Is Crying (640)

12.Change It (630)

13.Cold Shot (590)

14.Empty Arms (580)

14.Wall of Denial (580)

15.Tell Me (570)

16.Riviera Paradise (530)

17.Couldn’t Stand the Weather (510)

18.Leave My Girl Alone (490)

19.Lenny (450)

20.Scuttle Buttin’ (400)

21.Crossfire (350)

22.Mary Had a Little Lamb (310)

23.Telephone Song (290)

24.Willie the Wimp (250)

25.I’m Cryin (240)

26.Look at Little Sister (210)

26.Long Way from Home (210)

27.Life Without You (190)

27.Life by the Drop (190)

28.Honey Bee (170)

29.Pipeline (160)

30.Dirty Pool (140)

30.Rude Mood (140)

31.Give Me Back My Wig (130)

32.Ain’t Gone ‘N’ Give Up On Love (110)

33.Love Struck Baby (80)

34.Shake for Me (70)

35.Scratch-N-Sniff (60)

35.You’ll Be Mine (60)

Total Voters: 1720


Life Without You

Couldn’t Stand the Weather

Cold Shot

Change It


Little Wing


Pride and Joy

The House is Rockin

Texas Flood


Mary Had a Little Lamb


Scuttle Buttin’

The Things (That) I Used To Do

Give Me Back My Wig

Empty Arms

The Sky Is Crying

Say What!

Look at Little Sister

Willie the Wimp


Leave My Girl Alone

Wall of Denial

Riviera Paradise

Telephone Song

Long Way from Home

Life by the Drop

Dirty Pool

I’m Cryin

Honey Bee

Ain’t Gone ‘N’ Give Up On Love

You’ll Be Mine


Love Struck Baby


Shake for Me

Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

Rude Mood

Tell Me


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