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Foto: Reuters
Foto: Reuters

Articol de Iulia Radu
Salvador Sobral (Portugalia) a câștigat cea de-a 62-a ediție a Eurovision Song Contest, care a avut loc la Kiev (Ucraina). Am adunat pentru voi impresii, comentarii postate pe Facebook, precum și articole din presa internațională.
Mai întâi, aici găsiți punctele acordate în concurs.
Prima semifinală:
A doua semifinală:
Vot detaliat pentru România în semifinală:
Vot detaliat pentru România în finală:
Cum a votat România și cum au votat alții pentru România în cea de-a doua semifinală:
Cum a votat România și cum au votat alții pentru România în finală:
Clasament final:

rezultate eurovision 2017 aThe final results for Eurovision 2017

1. Portugal: Salvador Sobral, Amar Pelos Dois – 758 points
2. Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov, Beautiful Mess – 615 points
3. Moldova: SunStroke Project, Hey Mamma! – 374
4. Belgium: Blanche, City Lights – 363
5. Sweden: Robin Bengtsson, I Can’t Go On – 344
6. Italy: Francesco Gabbani, Occidentali’s Karma – 334
7. Romania: Ilinca feat. Alex Florea, Yodel It! – 282
8. Hungary: Joci Papai, Origo – 200
9. Australia: Isaiah Firebrace, Don’t come Easy – 173
10. Norway: JOWST, Grab the Moment – 158
11. Netherlands: OG3NE, Light And Shadows – 158
12. France: Alma, Requiem – 135
13. Croatia: Jacques Houdek, My Friend – 128
14. Azerbaijan: Dihaj, Skeletons – 120
15. United Kingdom: Lucie Jones, Never Give Up on You – 111
16. Austria: Nathan Trent, Running on Air – 93
17. Belarus: NaviBand, Historyja Majho Zyccia – 83
18. Armenia: Artsvik, Fly With Me – 79
19. Greece: Demy, This is Love – 77
20. Denmark: Anja, Where I Am -77
21. Cyprus: Hovig, Gravity – 68
22. Poland: Kasia Mos, Flashlight – 64
23. Israel: Imri Ziv, I Feel Alive – 39
24. Ukraine: O.Torvald, Time – 36
25. Germany: Levina, Perfect Life – 6
26. Spain: Manel Navarro, Do It for Your Lover – 5

Adunate din presă:

Salvador Sobral, mulțumim! Ai adus muzica pe pământ!
Articol de Gârlea Mihaela Loredana
Nu am crezut că într-un concurs precum Eurovision, comercializat în exces de atâția ani, se va mai cânta vreodată cu adevărat muzică și doar muzică. Epoca pe care o traversăm vinde orice mai puțin valoare. Despre artă, cu atât mai puțin! Astăzi, un spectacol de divertisment trebuie obligatoriu să fie caracterizat de un sincretism exacerbat în care omul, ființa superioară (?) să aibă din toate cât mai mult: frecvențe joase puternic amplificate în așa fel încât creierul să dea stomacului falsa senzație de sațietate, melodii previzibile sau neașteptat de prost scrise în așa fel încât ascultătorul are impresia că ar putea fi oricând chiar el un bun compozitor, texte care tratează într-o manieră infantilă subiecte facile, în așa fel încât ascultătorul să se regăsească în direct și în reluare în acea lume mică, micuță de tot, lumini de toate felurile și din toate direcțiile care lasă impresia unei transparențe absolute asupra vieții etc.
Să lămurim! E bine să existe show în adevăratul sens al cuvântului! Dacă lumea a evoluat, mi se pare logic să beneficiem și să ne bucurăm de explozia tehnologică cu care suntem contemporani! Cu un mic amendament: să nu conteze mai mult decât valoarea prestației artistice propriu-zise și nici să nu se confunde cu ea!
Articolul în întregime aici:
BBC: Eurovision 2017: Portugal’s ballad wins contest
The Guardian: Eurovision 2017 review: gorilla suits, Gypsy hip-hop – and the winner was half-decent
Romania raced out of the stocks with a phenomenal mix of yodelling meets rap. When I’d looked at the lyrics – “Gonna act really crazy/ Yodele yodeleioo/ Wanna Hear This Now?” I had thought “absolutely not, go away” and many much worse words, but it was brilliant, and by mid-evening became my second-string outsider bet (44-1).
WMagazine: Eurovision 2017: Portugal Wins an Upset Victory, Thanks to Salvador Sobral and His Minimalist Performance
But we don’t really watch Eurovision for the quality of the songs do we? No, we watch for the absolutely insane pop spectacle of it all. In that category Romania took the crown by a Maltese Mile (Is that actually a saying? Well it is now!) thanks to Alinka, wearing a dress so short that the Vatican has denounced it. The singer performed “Yodel It” by, you guessed it, yodeling. Yodeling has not been this cool since Jewel was on Dancing with the Stars. The background visuals for the performance were just insane, with giant Technicolor toy soldiers being destroyed by fake glitter cannons shooting multicolored pixels across the enormous screens in the arena.
ABC: Eurovision 2017: Glitz, glam and … a gorilla? The important bits you missed from the Grand Final
I was wanting to vote for Romania. Tried sending the 1900 SMS … message back it is unavailable.

Ilinca, she of the yodelling in the song title, is another of these crazy-talented 17 year-olds in this year’s contest – there’s a few of them about! Alex the rapper looks like someone’s dodgy long-lost cousin from Home and Away.
Somehow this works, though. Ilinca’s vocals are amazing, the song is a lot of fun, there’s cannons and guitar strings and YODEL IT in writing 10 foot high on the screen.
Huge reaction in the hall!
This could win the televote, and if the juries give it a reasonable go we could be off to Bucharest in 2018.!
Look, they lose points for the lack of mountain goats, but otherwise, for me this is a clear winner.
I don’t want to get everyone too excited but this number is a cross between YODEL and RAP. Yeah, you heard right.

Telegraph: Eurovision Song Contest 2017, review: ‘One of the most cheering in years’
Live from the International Exhibition Centre in Kiev, the epic broadcast clicked in at a stamina-sapping, bum-numbing three-and-three-quarter hours. It was expected to be watched by 200m viewers across Europe, making it the planet’s most-watched non-sporting event.
The slogan for this year’s contest was the worthy “Celebrate diversity” and the 26 finalists certainly ticked lots of boxes. Present and correct were such oppressed minorities as hippy brides, horses stuck up ladders, estate agents on treadmills, schizophrenic tenors, matador milkmen, yodelling rappers and dancing gorillas. Romania’s Yodel It! cannot be ruled out for a Eurovision win
They’ve never won it before, but Romania are in with a shout (or should we say a yodel?) for Eurovision Song Contest glory. Ilinca feat. Alex Florea are bringing one of the big party songs tonight and it’s been one of the most well received along the Eurovision promotion trail.
Yodel It is performed with a colourful stage and Ilinca’s red dress gives Denmark a run for their money. Her yodelling has been flawless throughout the rehearsals and this duo is one of the most energetic and fun acts in the race.
Ilinca and Alex have been meeting and partying with fans, charming the press centre and making waves on stage since they won the Romanian national final and a ticket to this year’s Eurovision and it’s hard not to become attached to this entry. If they nail the vocals tonight, Romania could well yodel their way into contention.

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