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Top Billy Joel 

1.Uptown Girl (1130)

2.Just the Way You Are (1110)

3.Piano Man (980)

4.Honesty (790)

5.The River of Dreams (660)

6.My Life (510)

7.Baby Grand (with Ray Charles) (450)

8.New York State of Mind (320)

9.Tell Her About It (310)

10.Only the Good Die Young (310)

11.It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me (280)

12.She’s Always a Woman (230)

12.Sometimes a Fantasy (230)

12.Say Goodbye to Hollywood (230)

13.Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song) (210)

14.She’s Got a Way (200)

15.Modern Woman (170)

15.The Entertainer (170)

16.The Stranger (160)

17.The Ballad of Billy the Kid (150)

18.And So It Goes (130)

19.All for Leyna (120)

20.A Matter of Trust (110)

21.Everybody Loves You Now (110)

21.Until the Night (110)

22.You May Be Right (100)

22.This Night (100)

22.We Didn’t Start the Fire (100)

23.James (90)

24.Big Shot (80)

25.Worse Comes to Worst (70)

25.An Innocent Man (70)

26.Shameless (60)

27.The Longest Time (50)

28.Travelin’ Prayer (30)

28.Don’t Ask Me Why (30)

28.This Is the Time (30)

28.I Go to Extremes (30)

28.You’re Only Human (Second Wind) (30)

28.Keeping the Faith (30)

28.Leave a Tender Moment Alone (30)

29.The Night Is Still Young (20)

30.Pressure (10)

30.Allentown (10)

31.Goodnight Saigon (0)

Total Voters: 1170


She’s Got a Way

Piano Man

Worse Comes to Worst

Travelin’ Prayer

The Ballad of Billy the Kid

The Entertainer

Say Goodbye to Hollywood


Just the Way You Are

Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)

Only the Good Die Young

She’s Always a Woman

The Stranger

My Life

Big Shot


Until the Night

All for Leyna

You May Be Right

It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me

Don’t Ask Me Why

Sometimes a Fantasy



Goodnight Saigon

Tell Her About It

Uptown Girl

An Innocent Man

The Longest Time

Leave a Tender Moment Alone

This Night

Keeping the Faith

You’re Only Human (Second Wind)

The Night Is Still Young

Modern Woman

A Matter of Trust

This Is the Time

Baby Grand (with Ray Charles)

We Didn’t Start the Fire

I Go to Extremes

The River of Dreams

Everybody Loves You Now

New York State of Mind


And So It Goes

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