Rezultat: Top Chris Norman


Aveți mai jos rezultatul sondajului. Mulțumim tuturor celor care s-au implicat și au votat!

Rezultat Top Chris Norman

1.Stumblin’ In (with Suzi Quatro) (830)

2.Midnight Lady (8%, 820)

3.Oh Carol (Smokie) (790)

4.Living Next Door to Alice (Smokie) (770)

5.Lay Back in the Arms of Someone (Smokie) (670)

5.Don’t Play Your Rock ‘n’ Roll to Me (Smokie) (670)

6.I’ll Meet You at Midnight (Smokie) (660)

  1. Mexican Girl (Smokie) (630)

8.If You Think You Know How to Love Me (Smokie) (550)

9.Some Hearts Are Diamonds (540)

10.Wild Wild Angels (Smokie) (370)

10.Needles and Pins (Smokie) (370)

11.I Need Your Love (with Suzi Quatro) (330)

12.Gypsy Queen (300)

13.For a Few Dollars More (Smokie) (230)

14.Something’s Been Making Me Blue (Smokie) (190)

15.Another Night in Nashville (with C.C. Catch) (170)

16.Only You (150)

17.Rock ‘n’ Roll Woman (Smokie) (140)

18.San Francisco Bay (Smokie) (130)

18.Julia (Smokie) (130)

19.No Arms Can Ever Hold You (120)

20.Little Lucy (Smokie) (100)

20.Broken Heroes (100)

21.Endless Night (90)

21.Without Your Love (90)

22.Love Is a Battlefield (70)

22.Come Together (70)

23.I Want to Be Needed (with Shari Belafonte) (60)

23.Reflections of My Life (60)

23.When My Back Was Against the Wall (Smokie) (60)

23.Pass It Around (Smokie) (60)

24.Sarah (50)

24.Back to Bradford (Smokie) ( 50)

25.Ich Mache Meine Augen Zu (with Nino de Angelo) (40)

25.My Girl and Me (40)

26.Amazing (30)

26.Back Again (30)

26.The Night Has Turned Cold (30)

26.Keep the Candle Burning (30)

26.Hey Baby (30)

27.Fearless Hearts (20)

27.Changing All the Time (Smokie) (20)

27.Ordinary Heart (20)

28.Chasing Cars (10)

29.London Is Burning (Smokie) (0)

Total Voters: 1440

Stumblin’ In (with Suzi Quatro)

Hey Baby

Love Is a Battlefield

My Girl and Me

Midnight Lady

Some Hearts Are Diamonds

No Arms Can Ever Hold You


Broken Heroes

I Want to Be Needed (with Shari Belafonte)

I Need Your Love (with Suzi Quatro)

Endless Night

Chasing Cars

Another Night in Nashville (with C.C. Catch)

Lay Back in the Arms of Someone (Smokie)

Something’s Been Making Me Blue (Smokie)

If You Think You Know How to Love Me (Smokie)

Pass It Around (Smokie)

I’ll Meet You at Midnight (Smokie)

Living Next Door to Alice (Smokie)

Changing All the Time (Smokie)

Don’t Play Your Rock ‘n’ Roll to Me (Smokie)

Back to Bradford (Smokie)

Wild Wild Angels (Smokie)

When My Back Was Against the Wall (Smokie)

Little Lucy (Smokie)

Ich Mache Meine Augen Zu (Everytime I Close My Eyes) (with Nino de Angelo)

Mexican Girl (Smokie)

Oh Carol (Smokie)

Ordinary Heart

The Night Has Turned Cold

Back Again

London Is Burning (Smokie)

San Francisco Bay (Smokie)

For a Few Dollars More (Smokie)

Needles and Pins (Smokie)

Julia (Smokie)


Without Your Love

Keep the Candle Burning

Come Together

Fearless Hearts

Only You

Reflections of My Life

Gypsy Queen


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