Top Muddy Waters – Rezultat (15.12.2018)


Muddy WatersAveți mai jost rezultatul sondajului. Mulțumim tuturor celor care au votat.

Top Muddy Waters 

1.Got My Mojo Working (750)

2.Hoochie Coochie Man (680)

3.Mannish Boy (660)

4.Baby Please Don’t Go (640)

5.Good Morning Little School Girl (620)

6.I Just Want to Make Love to You (580)

7.Country Boy (510)

8.Walkin’ Blues (470)

9.Rollin’ and Tumblin’ (450)

10.I’m Ready (440)

11.Copper Brown (400)

12.Rock Me (390)

13.Forty Days and Forty Nights (350)

14.Walkin’ Thru the Park (330)

14.Rollin’ Stone (330)

15.Canary Bird (320)

16.She’s Nineteen Years Old (310)

17.You Shook Me (300)

18.Gypsy Woman (260)

19.Screamin’ & Cryin (240)

20.Train Fare Home Blues (230)

21.Standin’ Here Tremblin’ (210)

21.Standing Around Crying (210)

21.I Can’t Be Satisfied (210)

22.You Can’t Lose What You Ain’t Never Had (190)

22.Just to Be with You (190)

23.My Eyes (Keep Me in Trouble) (180)

23.I Feel Like Going Home (180)

24.Still a Fool (150)

24.Trouble No More (150)

25.Honey Bee (140)

25.She Moves Me (140)

25.Little Geneva (140)

25.Mean Red Spider (140)

26.I Want You to Love Me (130)

27.Same Thing (120)

28.Louisiana Blues (110)

28.Stuff You Gotta Watc (110)

29.Long Distance Call (80)

30.You Gonna Need My Help (60)

Total Voters: 1210



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I Just Want to Make Love to You

Long Distance Call

Louisiana Blues

Honey Bee

Rollin’ Stone

I’m Ready

Hoochie Coochie

She Moves Me

I Want You to Love Me

Standing Around Crying

Still a Fool

I Can’t Be Satisfied

Mannish Boy

Screamin’ & Cryin

Just to Be with You

Walkin’ Thru the Park

Walkin’ Blues

Same Thing

Gypsy Woman

Rollin’ and Tumblin’

Forty Days and Forty Nights

Little Geneva

You Can’t Lose What You Ain’t Never Had

I Feel Like Going Home

Train Fare Home Blues

Mean Red Spider

Standin’ Here Tremblin’

You Gonna Need My Help

Country Boy

Stuff You Gotta Watch

Baby Please Don’t Go

Got My Mojo Working

Trouble No More

Rock Me

She’s Nineteen Years Old

You Shook Me

Good Morning Little School Girl

My Eyes (Keep Me in Trouble)

Canary Bird

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